Paleo Prospectors is delighted and honored to have you join us. We have developed a series of
rules over the 25+ years we have been guiding to insure that you have a safe and rewarding

Please read through these rules -- We will be asking you to sign an acknowledgement in the
field. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.
Individuals who violate these rules—and in particular rules related to safety—will be asked to
leave without refund.

1) Safety
    a. Do nothing that would endanger yourself or others.
    b. If you have any preexisting or novel medical conditions that might impact your ability to participate fully you must let us know before we enter the field.
    c. If you’re feeling ill; let someone know.
    d. Don’t overexert yourself or take unnecessary risks.
    e. Stay Hydrated! Temperatures in the areas we collect can easily exceed 100 degrees. The number one danger we face in the field is heat exhaustion.
        If you are feeling light headed or are experiencing other signs of heat exhaustion, let us know, drink water and find a shady place.
    f. Wear proper clothing. Hat, boots, and long pants. If you show up in shorts, you will not be able to go out in the field.
    g. If you are injured or have an emergency, let someone know immediately.
    h. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the safety of the minors in their group.

2) Getting Lost
    a. Never separate from the group.
    b. Take time to pause and look around to orient yourself.
    c. Always have a functional and fully charged walkie-talkie with you in the field.
    d. If you do get lost, get to a high point and stay put until we find you.

3) What You Can Keep; What you Cannot Keep
    a. You can keep any individual bone valued at less than $1,000 or $2,000, depending on the ranch, unless the bone has unique scientific value. 
        We will inform you during at the beginning of the week whether the ranch observes either a $1,000 or $2,000 limit.
    b. You can keep a cumulative total of $3,000 of fossils for the week.
    c. You cannot keep articulated specimens or fossils or artifacts of unique scientific value.
        “Articulated” in this context means multiple bones from the same animal. 
        There are some exceptions to this rule, particularly pertaining to some of the fossils found on the Oligocene ranches.
    d. In some cases, we may, at our sole discretion, give you the opportunity to keep fossils that exceed the $1,000/$2,000 and/or $3,000 thresholds by making a separate payment. 
        The amount of this payment will be based on the unprepared, wholesale value of the specimen(s).
        Do not contact the Rancher to make any payment arrangements.
    e. Whether you can keep artifacts is up to the individual rancher. Different ranches, therefore, will have different policies. 
        Paleo Prospectors staff will inform you of the particular ranch’s artifact policy at the beginning of the week.
    f. At the end of any collecting day, we will be looking over what you have discovered. 
        This will allow us to give you more information on what you have found and make value determinations.
    g. Paleo Prospectors staff will make the final determination of the value of the fossils you collect, 
        whether they are articulated and/or have scientific value and any payments due. 
        Our determination is final.

4) Collecting etiquette
    a. Never “jump” a claim. If someone else has found fossils, do not collect near them until they are finished. Give them a wide berth.
    b. No “flag and run” collecting. If you find something, dig it up. Don’t mark it to be dug up later and run off to the next spot.
    c. No collection at or near designated excavations.
    d. Do not collect someone else’s fossil. If you have any doubt, leave it be.
    e. Do not dig and sift at microsites. The exception to this rule is on the rare occurrences that you find a bone at microsite. You can excavate in those situations.
    f. Stay in the collecting areas designated by PaleoProspectors staff.
    g. NEVER collect on non-deeded land or land of a neighboring ranch.
    h. Let PaleoProspectors staff know if you have found an articulated specimen or something of unique scientific value. Even a large spill of bone fragments may be important. 
        Let us know or flag the spot so we can evaluate it later.
    i. NEVER hide or use deception about what you have found.

5) Ranch Etiquette
Paleo Prospectors is very protective of its ranchers and their ranches. We are guests on these lands and must act accordingly.
    a. Do not litter. Pack in; pack out; leave nothing but footprints and great memories.
    b. Do your best to not damage the ranch’s grass. This includes not driving off of ranch roads.
    c. Always leave gates as you found them. If open, leave open. If closed, close behind you.
    d. Be very careful with fire. Smokers will have to smoke in their own vehicle cup of water to douse the cigarette. 
        No smoking is allowed outside of your vehicle. Do not throw out butts.
    e. Do not ever park on dry tall grass. On very dry years we may have to park on tarps to prevent sparking prairie fires.
    f. NEVER contact ranchers to make independent collecting arrangements, value determinations or to arrange separate payments.
        Our ranchers are very busy people. If you have questions, talk to your guide.

6) Meal Etiquette
    a. When preparing lunch, to minimize spoilage, close food packaging (meat, cheese, bread, etc) when you’re finished.
    b. We provide water in a large communal cooler. You can, of course, put other drinks (soda, juice, Gatorade, etc.) in there. 
        If, however, it’s not yours, don’t drink it.
    c. When eating at the breakfast and dinner buffets, please be aware of the group as you’re loading your plate. 
        Take a reasonable serving. Once everyone has gotten their first serving, you can go and get seconds.
        Parents, this rule is primarily in place with kids in mind.

7) Motel etiquette
    a. Do not wash fossils in sinks, bathtubs or showers.
    b. Do not put fossils directly on motel furniture (newspapers or rags will be provided.)

The breaking of any of these rules can have consequences. Most minor infractions may result only in verbal reprimands.
There are, however, some infractions that will have severe consequences.
These infractions include:
    a. Doing anything that would result in harm to yourself or others.
    b. Collecting on non-deeded land or trespassing on a neighbor’s ranch.
    c. Taking bones from an articulated specimen or specimens with scientific value.
    d. Hiding or using deception about what you have found.
    e. Attempting to contact a Paleo Prospectors rancher to make independent collecting arrangements, value determination or arrange separate payments.
    f. Not following the directions given to you by the guides.

Consequences to these infractions include but are not limited to:
    a. Immediate expulsion from the trip without refund.
    b. Permanent expulsion from any future PaleoProspectors trips.

I have reviewed these rules, understand them and agree to abide by them. I understand that
violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the trip without refund.