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How It Works

Hunt with the Experts

You get to spend a week hunting for dinosaur bones with guides out in the field!

Keep what you find

You will be able to keep almost everything that you find. In most cases each participant finds several hundred bone fragments, ten or so mostly complete bones and an occasional tooth and claw.

Start something awesome

There aren't many cooler things you can say than "Hey, want to look at my fossil collection? It's a hobby." At least, that's what we would like to think.


Choose a week (or two) to come collect your own fossils!

  • #1
    4/20 slots filled

    Chadron, Nebraska

    Sun June 16 to Sat June 22

    Cretaceous marine and new productive Oligocene ranches in and around the area of Chadron. Excellent in 2017.

  • #2
    17/20 slots filled

    Newcastle, Wyoming

    Sun June 23 to Sat June 29

    Traditionally a very good Lance formation ranch with abundant triceratops material, plant fossils and petrified wood. One day will be spent on a fantastic 44,000 acre Oligocene ranch south of Newcastle.

  • #3
    14/20 slots filled

    Newcastle, Wyoming

    Sun June 30 to Sat July 6

    Due to the totally unprecedented discoveries on the this ranch in 2017 this week will be dedicated to the removal of some of the 6+ animals found in 2017.

  • #4
    23/22 slots filled

    Newcastle, Wyoming

    Sun July 7 to Sat July 13

    This week we will be collecting the same ranch as the previous week, which has proven to be the best ranch that we have ever collected. One day will be spent on the above mentioned Oligocene ranch south of Newcastle.

  • #5
    17/20 slots filled

    Newcastle, Wyoming

    Sun July 14 to Sat July 20

    Same as above but different sections of the ranches.

  • #6
    22/20 slots filled

    South/North Dakota

    Sun July 21 to Sat July 27

    This week will be split between the ranches in and around SD and ND.

  • #7
    20/20 slots filled

    Glasgow, Montana

    Sun July 28 to Sat August 3

    During our last session, we will be on a Judith River formation ranch, North West of Glasgow. Last year was another excellent week of collecting on this physically demanding ranch. For those able to tough it out it always provides excellent fossils. New areas uncollected in past years were investigated this year with very positive results. In addition we are beginning, finally, to understand the nature of the fossil bearing layers in the Valley.

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Our Amazing Team

Meet the people who make PaleoProspectors possible!

Steve Nicklas

PaleoProspectors Founder

Rob Sula

Lead Guide

Caitlin Flake


Michael Payne


Zack Heck


What our participants are saying:

"It is so cool that we get to explore and find our own fossils! The fact that I am the first person to ever lay eyes on the fossil is awesome!" - Caitlin Flake

"An unforgettable experience... I can't wait to go back next year!" - Paul Weiler

"I love how we are able to preserve the past. The anticipationn of what we might find keeps us on our toes all the time. Last but not least the bathrooms are phenomenal (thats because you are outside with a 360 degree view of the mountains, plains, and horny toads!)" - Megan Graham

"Taking trips with PaleoProspectors was a life changer. I look back at these excursions as some of the happiest times of my life." - Robert Peterson

"Once a pile of stuff I found turned out the be a 30 foot Tylosaur. The look on Steves face was priceless!" - Thomas Williams

The following list covers most of what you will need for our time in the field:

  • Hat
  • Rain Coat
  • Camera
  • Canteen
  • Work Gloves
  • Good Hiking Boots & Socks
  • Shorts & Long pants
  • Knee Pads (optional)
  • Light Coat
  • Back Pack (large capacity)
  • Bug Spray
  • Sun Block
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Windbreaker
  • Wrist Watch
  • Personal Rock Hammer (optional)
  • Pocket Knife
  • Gumption

Hotel Info

*Hotel included in trip cost (double occupancy)

Sage Motel: Newcastle, Wyoming

Fly into: Rapid City, South Dakota
Address: 1227 S. Summit Newcastle, Wyoming 82701
Phone Number: 307-746-2724
Website: http://sagemotel.weebly.com/
Notes: Great motel!

Westerner Motel: Chadron, Nebraska

Fly into: Rapid City, South Dakota
Address: 300 Oak St. Chadron, NE. 69337
Phone Number: 308-432-5577
Website: http://www.westernerinns.com/
Notes: Great motel!

Tipperary Lodge Motel: Buffalo, South Dakota

Fly into: Rapid City, South Dakota
Address: 604 1st St W, Buffalo, SD 57720
Phone Number: 605-375-3721
Website: NA
Notes: Hotel review from one PaleoProspectors participant: “New managers are Fantastic!”

Cottonwood Inn: Glasgow, Montana

Fly into: Billings, Montana
Address: 45 First Ave NE, Glasgow, MT 59230
Phone Number: 406-228-8213
Website: http://www.cottonwoodinn.net/home.aspx
Notes: Has a pool

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Dr. Steve Nicklas

[email protected]

6181 Hawkins Dr. Cumming Ga 30028


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